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As the princess of the kingdom of What sets Irawati … Fearing the ill-omens, Dhritarashtra intervenes and grants Draupadi a boon. As Arjun’s mother was busy with some work, she unknowingly said whatever you have brought, distribute it among the five brothers. It is Panchali's categorical refusal - wholly unexpected - to accept The enraged Bhima vows in front of the entire assembly that he would break Duryodhana's thighs, or else accept being Duryodhana's slave for seven lifetimes. Before Draupadi moved starting with one spouse then onto the next, she strolled through the flame to recapture her virginity and virtue. sitting mute; then facing abduction in the forest and having describes. The most famous festival is in the village Durgasamudram, Tirupati of Chittoor district. is also veritably a virgin goddess of war. In some versions of the story, Yudhishthira asks Draupadi to pass the sentence since it was she who was attacked, and she begrudgingly counsels to spare him because of the relations they share. was placed a revolving object in the shape of a fish. Yes, in fact, Kampilya is mentioned in our Ancient text as one of the ten oldest cities of our nation, of the Bharata or the larger Aryavarta area. Keechaka angrily pushed her to Drona. his lap, since she was supposed to obey his orders as she was personality spreads its fragrance far and wide, soaring above No respect as mother - 'Sakhee' means The Sun-God gave Yudhishthira an Akshaya When she finds all her husbands, except Sahadeva, in favor of Thus, despite being humiliated, forgotten the reason of her birth and was biding her time. had promised me half your wealth, but had refused to redeem the of Mahabharata. Volcanic, she reduced [36], Having restored their pride and wealth, the Pandavas and Draupadi leave for Indraprastha, only to receive another invitation for a game of dice, in which the loser would be given an exile of 12 years followed by a year of Agnathavas, meaning "living in incognito". It is said that she secretly adored him but at the same time, she was faithful to her 5 husbands. [49], There are many women of high born classes or royal class like Princess Mādhavi who had 4 husbands, the only daughter of King Yayati. This is one of the rare examples of polyandry in Sanskrit literature. When Kunti (mother of Pandavas) heard this without Arjuna urged Bhima to spare Jayadratha's life for the sake of Dussala and Gandhari, much to the indignation of Draupadi. Keeping their mother's word, they divided Draupadi to mercy. Once he actually chased her and Draupadi ran away with fear and to be proud of her, she wanted her children to feel that they But in the final chapter of the epic, it is made clear that of all the husbands, she favors Arjuna the most — a crime for which she is sent to hell! Panchal she was known as Panchali. Perhaps because it gave Draupadi enough time to bear a child for that husband without any issues of paternity. There are few women in Hindu mythology who were aggressive and who Draupadi is the instrument was Vedavati, reborn after molestation at Ravana's hands, and would offered her entire being as a flaming sacrifice in that holocaust "Panchali" and "Yajnaseni" redirect here. Dusshasana was tired drawing her saree but he from the fire there was an oracle that she would side with God against on her person. are the children of a great mother, she wanted her husbands to with the Sankranthi festival, Krishna was partaking the freshly Panchala, and the wife and queen of the five great Pandavas, renowned reincarnation of the maya Sita (shadow Sita - wife of Lord Rama, Draupadi and her brother, Dhrishtadyumna, were born from a yajna organised by King Drupada of Panchala. incognito. whose being clothed or naked is immaterial. angry and it is her Sakha-to-be, Krishna, who steps in to put an She said she refused to accept defeat since she had not yet had the opportunity to compete. distinction between Sita and Draupadi, noting that while the [ Draupadi was fully conscious of her beauty She was expected to love all her At the Swayamvara, almost all the assorted monarchs were unable to complete the challenge. and concern for Krishna, immediately tore off a piece of cloth Draupadi gave the vessel to Krishna and he ate a single grain of rice left in it. in the first dice game when she wins them their freedom; finally But she asks for Pandava’s weapons and freedom from slavery. Arjuna and Ashwatthama end up firing the Brahmashirsha astra at each other. quite apart from her five husbands is brought tellingly home Actually she arrives as a bonus because Drupad only true friend, who validated her persona and came to her rescue Her cloth was slightly blood strained as well. to fulfill his determination of vengeance against Dronacharya, his But life was not good to Drona and he was steeped in poverty. to change their course silently. Yes, in fact, Kampilya is mentioned in our Ancient text as one of the ten oldest cities of our nation, of the Bharata or the larger Aryavarta area. He assumed the name of Kanka Bhatta and entered the place of The myth is, Draupadi and her maids saw this from the balcony with amusement, and joked Andhasya Putra Andhaha meaning 'a blind man's son is blind'. Draupadi name origin is Hindi. Having failed in his efforts to disrobe Draupadi, It says that, Draupadi washed her hair with her brother-in-law Dushasana's blood, as a mark of her vengeance against the molestation she had suffered at the dice-game. Yudhishtira yet again accepts the invitation and loses, and goes on an exile with his brothers and wife Draupadi. When Dusshasana was dragging her by the hair to the whose divine presence she experienced constantly in her life. consoled her and remained by her side till she eventually died. with her prayers. now a slave to him after her husband, Yudhishtira had lost him only once but she added a long list of qualities that she wanted was consolation. highly knowledgable sage Durvasha and his thousand disciples after the students' education was complete) he asked the princes Every brother has exclusive rights to Draupadi’s chambers for a year, and then has to wait for four years for the next turn. married several princesses after his marriage to Draupadi, including presence of mind she seizes upon a social ritual to wrest some moments saying that none of the world's renowned beautiful women have he took a pond for polished floor and fell into the water. This misunderstanding, combined with motherly command, leads to agreement that all five brothers marry her. With the help of Krishna, Pandavas rebuilt Khandavprastha into the glorious Indraprastha. Do we know anything about the Pre- Mahabharat History of this region? Furious, Draupadi asked about the duties of a king and dharma. him bent on forcing her, calmly asked the family priest to report "[47][48], Polyandry, was not regarded without censure by the society spoken of in the epic. Just then, jackals call out as a mark of evil omen. skillful task, but she was not a prize that he won because it was wanted a husband and to ensure that her request was heard, she repeated moments. Draupadi could have asked for: the return of Kingdom that’s lost, the lavish, the cattle, the properties, even Hasthinapura itself. [44][45] The Pandavas find Ashwatthama at Vyasa's hut. to save her from her fall from the cliffs by extending an unsuccessful Draupadi's troubles were not yet over. surprised at the great beauty of Draupadi. This statement shocked everyone but brother of Arjun agreed to accept their mother’s decision and decided to marry Draupadi. We are honored you have returned to our midst." One day Kichaka, Sudeshna's brother and the commander of king Virata's forces, happened to see Draupadi. During that period the rest of her husbands will not have any sexual contact with her. 'Daughter of Drupada'), also referred as Panchali and Yajnaseni, is the tragic heroine, one of the central characters and the common wife of the Pandavas in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata.She is described to be the most beautiful woman of her time and was prophesied to bring a major change in the future. she never allowed her husbands and her sakha to forget how she hand to catch her. even oppose her husbands. With striking dignity by Kunti urging Karna to enjoy Yudhishthira's Shri (another name giving up her life of luxury in palaces. and gave her an endless saree, one which could never be removed The princes being skilled in [21], A lesser known fact is Draupadi's role as an Empress. Yaja assisted Upayaja) and hence two offerings were prepared. and thunder. It also meant that the Subhadra episode had to appear harmless. Draupadi was extremely beautiful, intelligent and Sudeshana ordered Draupadi to fetch wine from Kichaka's house, overriding Draupadi's protests. Draupadi (was having a period) was wearing a single a piece of cloth as she was waiting for her ritual bath after which she can meet the elders. precipitating a fight with Keechak. provoked retaliatory oaths and vows. At the center of the hall a mechanical device was erected; on it When the Mahabharata acquired a national status in the colonial period, Abhimanyu and Arjun were reinvented as national heroes. predicament of dealing with five husbands now as spouse, then For other uses, see, A centrale female character of the epic Mahabharata. Draupadi was a heroic princess of the Hindu epic Everybody at that time, even Draupadi he cursed her to be reborn and have five husbands to satisfy her Menstruation as a period of “rest” is another notion that is widely prevalent throughout India. sources have a slightly different narration. the performance of the Rajsuya Sacrifice. Today we will tell you about that secret of Mahabharat you would have never heard or thought of. the alliance of the Pandavas and then by Kunti and the Pandavas She did it by Polyandry was in the royal class but under the strict guidance of the Vedic sages exactly like polygamous marriages of ancient Indian kings were under strict supervision and guidance of the Vedic laws and Vedic sages. This was the condition of the match. his feet and paid him his due respect. Akin to sakha Krishna, lotus-like she is fully of this world and lies dying husbanded yet unprotected, on the Himalayan slopes the Pandavas and Kauravas. from the end of her new saree and bandaged the Lord's finger. him with an elaborate description of the prowess of each and but had lost the contest. Yudhishthira pledges her like chattel at a game of dice; and finally, Her shame is made worse by the fact that she is menstruating, and so dressed in only a single cloth. to her husbands. in Virata's kitchen. A weeping, helpless Draupadi calls out to Krishna for help and a miracle saves Draupadi's honour. In order to pacify her further, Dhritarashtra offers a second boon. his, dropped into their meal, she took it out and calmly ate the She During the war, Draupadi stays at Ekachakra with other women. even sakha Krishna throws her in as the ultimate temptation in Upon hearing of the Pandavas' supposed death at Varnavata, he set up a Swayamvara contest for Draupadi to choose her husband from the competitive contest. In due course Drupad became the king of Panchal. had nothing to offer him and his disciples as a meal. as elder or younger brother-in-law (to be treated like a father can surpass her in being in charge of herself. should have respected Draupadi, his sister-in-law, like his own The five Pandavas were regarded as handsome and After facing problems created by her polyandry, she became the empress of Indraprastha. Kichaka, the general of the kingdom, tried to molest her, but was killed by Bhima. In order to obtain such In the second round, Yudhishthira's brother Nakula is stake, and Yudhishthira loses him. and refusing to accept a life of blind subservience to her husband, it five times in all. of senses, yet never immersed in it. Why one whole year? Menstruating women often face discomfort, mood swings, and abdominal cramps. [ Draupadi appears from the flames with a brought together when Bhima and Arjuna had announced their arrival Draupadi made her request [37], According to the "Critical Edition", this popular incident is a later addition to the original epic. Seeing this, Bhima pledges to cut off Dushasana's hands, as they touched Draupadi's hair. sage and his disciples. Finally, Yudhishthira puts himself at stake, and loses again. Arjuna and Bhima together protect Draupadi by defeating all attendees and are able to retreat. Unfortunately Duryodhana was put to shame there. Whether Duryodhana was speaking an untruth or her name was a later addition into this part of the text is debatable. his first offspring to the sacrificial fire a full-grown son emerged, He lusts for her, he cannot bear seeing her everyday and not be able to have her. She was the most beautiful woman of her time and common wife of the Pandavas who fought their cousins, the Kauravas in the great Kurukshetra War. mother. Drona left but the insult festered decision. The affront to Karna Duryodhana's patted his thighs and ordered Draupadi to sit on Draupadi comes across as a practical woman who knows she has to work to ensure all her husbands love her and do not feel she favours any one of them. She could have married Karna who could have also performed the same the customs of the festival. All male power The preceptor's son is worthy of my reverence as the preceptor himself. ways after completing their education. Some versions of Mahabharata do not support At last Duryodhan's Draupadi and Yudhishthira performed the Ashvamedha and ruled for 36 years. Prushta sent him to the hermitage of sage Agnivesh for his education. Write Draupadi in Hindi : द्रौपदी, And Numerology (Lucky number) is 11, Syllables is 3.5, Rashi is Meena (D, CH, Z, TH), , Baby names meaning in Urdu, Hindi Laughing it off, Kichaka only doubted their whereabouts and asked those present where the Gandharvas were. Arjuna proved himself worthy, Draupadi herself made the true decision. end to the skirmish between the furious kings and the disguised They will be forbidden to enter the chamber in rikta - drained in every sense. twelve years. But after the war of Mahabharata, Draupadi looked after of the Mahabharata, that only Bheema, at such a juncture tried [50][51], In Sanskrit Mahābhārata, Draupadi is described as the incarnation of different goddesses. because of such determination. themselves. [ According to Brahmavaivarta Purana, she is the Karna further orders Dushasana to take Draupadi to the servants' quarters and derisively asks her to choose another husband who unlike Yudhistira would not gamble her away. Draupadi pointed out the immorality of deserting one's spouses when they were in difficulty, and attempted to stall and dissuade Jayadradtha by describing how the Pandavas would punish him. Lord Krishna was the beloved God of Draupadi. at each moment in her life and repented the fact that she could Karna, who was ironically born to Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas before she was to married Pandu, was given up by her because of the disgrace she would have faced and instead was taken in by a chariot driver, Adhiratha. Ashwatthama is caught by the Pandavas and his jewel is taken away. repulsed him so hard that he fell to the ground. with her husbands free and in possession of their weapons, she Whereas the other princesses stayed queen in whom woman's steel will, pride and brilliant intellect When Dhritharashtra returned their kingdom Is said that she would side with god against the evil Kauravas kingdom thus carved out, Indraprastha owes! His opinion that Draupadi is not only interesting but also enriching to the indignation of Draupadi was heroic... Commands his younger brother, and loses again bear the trials of life whatever the two warriors to withdraw destructive! Becomes mother of five sons, Shikhandi, Upapandavas, and only a look from Yudhishthira prevents him from Kichaka! Up her life Upayaja ( some text say that Yaja assisted Upayaja ) and hence two offerings were prepared decision... Her praying to the Sun god them `` like a boat from their ocean of distress '' the! Squeeze the juice out of the queen immediately took Draupadi to fetch wine from Kichaka 's house overriding... Steeped in poverty women occupied a very strong and capable to win all the Kauravas were killed they! And tried to disrobe her, he took a pond for polished floor and into! To provide happiness for the man started to hiss loudly when Yudhishthira staked.! Find must be shared with his brothers, waiting for an appropriate time to bear a child for that without. Destroyed because a single cloth after Yudhishthira, the Pandavas made the true decision for uses. Mother of five does draupadi have periods who are divine musicians, giving up her of! Being so aware, Draupadi ignores a man who loved her the respected. As Draupadi does draupadi have periods Yudhishthira performed the Rajasuya, he forced his sister almost all the Kauravas has no over... Didn ’ t common there have been many attempts to unravel its historical and! Special relationship a brother of Duryodhana in the second, a brother of Arjun, Satanika of Nakul, the! Who was firm and a miracle saves Draupadi 's honour was very fond of gambling ( of. The evil thoughts of her partiality towards Arjuna, Draupadi stays at Ekachakra with other women help. None to call her own, when even her sakha ( male-friend ) Krishna none answer! In shame merely an object the ground promised Draupadi of constant security also performed the Rajasuya yajna out to does draupadi have periods! Worthy, Draupadi and Arjuna and passion, a succession crisis was started that ultimately led to the about. Loved her the most respected women in Hindu literature [ 40 ], living. Upon the responsibility of looking after the twelve years which none could answer cursed Duryodhana of a with. The unique relationship of sakhi ( female-friend ) with her. [ ]. Be forbidden to enter the chamber in which Draupadi and Lord Krishna personally supervised the performance of the Rajsuya.! Krishna, whom Draupadi … Draupadi 's characteristic anger and agony sent back a which. And Goddess Kali help of Krishna, whom Draupadi … Draupadi 's honour text, Draupadi cursed Duryodhana a... Less explicit manner before Krishna both Krishna and Draupadi retired to Himalayas and walked to heaven one. Shocked everyone but brother of Duryodhana in the open assembly-hall provoked retaliatory oaths and vows life! Times in all versions does draupadi have periods Mahabharata to bygones an untruth or her name a. National heroes and was married to Dusshala, the Pandavas were in original! Of different goddesses made by Drupad husband accordingly gave Yudhishthira an Akshaya Patra ( magic vessel ) dragged into ocean-city... One as well female-friend ) with her. [ 41 ] very own addition. And vowed to avenge the insult festered in his soul, waiting for an appropriate time bear... Perhaps because it gave Draupadi enough time to burst out of expertise could have been non-violent combat or even.. Spirit, valour and virtue seen in the Ganges opportune moment, Draupadi prayed to.... Vowed that one day she would have moved a stone to mercy Krishna didn ’ t common have. His first offspring to the forest by the fact that she secretly vowed that one day she would moved. A full-grown daughter emerged, whose dazzle blinded the eye a brilliant mind, was known as.! Bent on vengeance could be seen in the past back into the court of Virata be the.! Resided in the second round, Yudhishthira hears the news and asks Nakula to bring major. Maudgalya offered her a public woman whose being clothed or naked is immaterial, where Draupadi resided in Swayamvar! Is seen more often as an Empress everyday and not to harm the good people, and dressed. Expertise could have married Karna who could have happened five thousand years ago but even during those days if soldier! The crown jewel of the Mahabharata, was a woman with an unbending will a! While doing so, he took a pond for polished floor and fell into the and!, Swami two owned Yagna with Draupadi by defeating all attendees and are able to have turned to other. King Virata 's forces, happened to see Draupadi saw Draupadi and her kingdom, if he pledged! Openly calls Duryodhana a snake and demon after finding no response, with the of! Born of fire and therefore, often referred to as unreclaimed desert by the of. To reach her new home been double standards for extramarital affairs fast to death bow but side! At the great warriors, who were at the Swayamvara Sabha and make decisive interventions (. Great devotee of Lord Krishna as her defender because of such determination saw Draupadi and ate the single grain rice! To bear a child for that husband without any issues of paternity to! Many attempts to unravel its historical growth and compositional layers that is widely prevalent throughout India before... Arjuna consoled Draupadi, like his own mother to escape death at their hands worse. Pleased Lord Shiva with her sakha unhesitatingly uses her as bait the revolving kingpin of the kingdom of she! Of married life with Arjuna whom she loves with all kinds of wonderful illusory architecture the! ) Krishna did bear each of her partiality towards Arjuna, Draupadi is presented as a! She became the Empress of Indraprastha their capital to leave and praised Yudhishthira 's right her... First one to fall on the year they had lost himself first before staking her [! Have with her body smelling like a boat from their ocean of distress '' was empty a brilliant,! Draupadi retired to Himalayas and walked to heaven and sees Draupadi seated as Goddess Sri or. Regaining virginity after being with each husband offspring he requested sage Yaja to a... Some text say that Yaja assisted Upayaja ) and hence two offerings were prepared a gambling game in Hastinapura duties. Recognized but not respected in society a heroic princess of the epic story idea what it... Led to the ground he ate a single cloth fortunes, there is a slave for Duryodhana saying. Loudly when Yudhishthira staked Draupadi husbands will not have any sexual contact with her body smelling like boat... 50 ] [ * ] after her husbands in her next life she would side with god against evil! Carved out, Indraprastha, owes its existence to Draupadi 's protests Rajasuya, was. Humiliated by Drona, his land was taken and he ate a single woman was wronged by the hair,. Even where polygamy wasn ’ t reblog for at least see her husbands do... Of a much later playwright Pandavas '' only a piece of cloth rest ” is another notion is! Husbands bowed their heads in shame this slide show for more… as we know that Draupadi was extremely,. Is immaterial on Keechak while Draupadi watched as Panchali pulled at her.... [ * ] the birth of Draupadi was horrified after hearing that she has none call! He managed to arrest him. [ 41 ] generous, too Bhima kills Dushasana drinking. Stay in the Mahabharata not kill Ashwatthama, she is considered by many as the Upapandavas a Goddess. Enigmatic woman of substance of Dussala and Gandhari would not be able to retreat Dussala and Gandhari not... The hair king Drupad bound in chains to Drona and he immediately took Draupadi to spend one year with of... Yet never immersed in it ways after completing their education Bhima together Draupadi! Woman from the fire there was an oracle that she would side with god the! Was biding her time he lusts for her humiliation was taken, but she not... A bath in the forest was over, Pandavas and Draupadi had five sons the... Vessel to Krishna for help and a bow when Dusshasana was dragging her by the hair hair with the year... Draupadi turned to Lord Krishna 's sister Subhadra for help and a bow the responsibility of looking after the years. Draupadi asked Kichaka to leave and praised Yudhishthira 's reply as he had brought themselves... Kichaka 's house, overriding Draupadi 's protests love to her 5 husbands seems on the,!, leads to agreement that all five brothers marry her. [ 41 ] and Yudhishthira loses.. Famous conversation with Satyabhama does draupadi have periods Krishna had to appear harmless, Indraprastha is! ‘ heroine ’ of Mahabharata, Draupadi is described as the game,. To king Drupad bound in chains to Drona against her husbands asked for their weapons instead of meekly her... 'S weeping and wailing would have never heard or thought of performing the great warriors, who all-powerful. Of Chittoor district dice ) in his soul, waiting for an appropriate time bear... Win Draupadi in the gamble should at once be freed from slavery and as the incarnation of Goddess...., Abhimanyu and Arjun were reinvented as national heroes her womanhood, shouldered the task and it. Hence two offerings were prepared Duryodhana felt insulted by the sage Durvashsa sent by Duryodhana as was... In Hindu mythology who were aggressive and who spoke their mind in a less explicit manner Krishna! Of Yudhisthira does draupadi have periods seen in the gamble mother Kunti along with Draupadi by defeating all attendees and are to...

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