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All the Kuru elders meet Krishna and invite him in to Hasthinapura. Dhirithrastra is awaiting his coronation. Yudhishtra becomes king of Indraprastha. Other dubbed versions of the serial : Mahabharatham I Malayalam I Asianet I Current at 6:30pm Mahabharatham I Tamil I Star Vijay I Current 7:00pm. Krishna tells Kunti to go to Karna and inform him that she is his mother in order to save the rest of the Pandavas. Krishna and Balarama go with Akrura to Mathura. Chitrasena, in the guise of a boy, runs off with the akshaya patra. Draupadi calls Krishna for help. Vyasa asks for 101 vessels filled with ghee and the Kauravas are born. Devesh Ahuja. Kunti goes to meet Karna. Bheeshma asks Arjuna for a headrest, and then for water to quench his thirst. Dhirithrastra wants to crown Duryodhana as heir to the throne. Duryodhana enlists Somadutta's help in fighting Panchala. Yudhishtra sends Sahadeva for water. Aryamann Seth. Parashurama asks Bheeshma to either accept Amba as his wife or fight with him. Kunti identifies Karna as her son and faints. Karna gets news of Vrishasena's death. Yagya Saxena. Jayadratha knocks out sage Dhaumya and kidnaps Draupadi. സമ്പൂർണ മഹാഭാരത കഥ | Part 1 to 30 … Kunti remembers the birth of Karna. Bheeshma asks Dhirithrastra to anoint Yudhishtra as crown prince before the Pandavas leave for Kandavaprastha. Dhirithrastra decides to send a messenger to Kampilya. Arjuna and Sudhayu face off. Bheema breaks Duryodhana's thighs in the mace fight. Yudhishtra gets the akshaya patra from Surya. Kalmuni asks the ghost that appears from the fire to kill the Pandavas. Amba refuses to go with Bheeshma and goes to Shalvakumar and is rejected. The Pandavas meet Kunti and Vidura and ask Kunti to leave Hasthinapura, but she refuses. Atul Mishra. Kripacharya faces Abhimanyu. Draupada and Dhristadyumna meet the Pandavas in the forest. [3] The show is extensively shot in and around Bangalore with studio sets which cost more than 1 crore rupees. Karna returns victorious from his conquests. The Pandavas arrive at Varanavata and Purochana introduces them to Vanjikodi and her sons Udhayan, Thuyan, Mayilan and Sadayan. Amba then goes to other kingdoms for help but is rejected. Duryodhana loses in battle against Draupada. Kunti mourns Karna's loss on the battlefield. Satyaki brings news of Susharma and the Shamshastakas. Watch it on Asianet at 6.30 PM onwards every Monday to Friday. Bheema kills eight of the Kauravas. The Gandharva then goes in search of Duryodhana. Arjuna exhibits the use of various celestial astras. Susharma comes to Hasthinapura. Vyasa meets Dhirithrastra and gives Sanjaya divine vision to see the incidences on the battlefield. Bheema and the other Pandavas favour war. Karna learns to use the Brahmastra from rishi Parahurama. Satyavathi asks Vyasa the truth about the third Niyoga. Bheeshma and Arjuna fight. Yudhishtra requests Krishna to go on a peace mission to Hasthinapura. Pandu appears before Kunti and asks her to take things in hand. Arjuna prepares to immolate himself. The armies face each other on Kurukshetra. Drona faces Yudhishtra. Shakuni and Sahadeva face off while Drona takes on Yudhishtra. Shakuni and Dushasana go to meet the asura Mooka. Dhristadyumna finds out that Arjuna won Draupadi at the competition. Krishna tells Balarama that the marriages were performed by Vyasa. Big changes again happening at plus prime time schedule, removed Autograph and other old serials. Kanaka informs the Pandavas about the plan to set fire to the lac palace. Duryodhana asks Yudhishtra to bet Draupadi in the game of dice. Shakuni and Duryodhana ask Dhirithrastra for permission to kill the Pandavas. Sahadeva asks them to do so on the next Amavasya. Vidura goes back to Hasthinapura. Bheema and Dushasana clash. Krishna asks Yudhishtra to fight Shalya. Dushasana comes to their aid. Upayaja tells Drupada that his brother would be willing to help for the correct price. Duryodhana first sends Pratikami to bring Draupadi to the court, but Draupadi refuses to come to court. The seventh day of battle comes to an end. Krishna decides to visit the Pandavas. Bheema is born with the grace of Lord Vayu. Bheema and Arjuna rescue Draupadi and take Jayadhratha captive. Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Mahabharatham Tamil Full Episode 53 Draupada meets Drona. Hotstar app has these channels affiliated to it. Dhirithrastra tells Yudhishtra that he can leave for Khandavaprastha after he is crowned prince. Karna and Arjuna face off. Gandhari goes back to Dhirithrastra. All the kings try their hand at the task and fail one by one. The eleventh day of battle ends. Madri gives birth to Nakula and Sahadeva with the grace of the Ashwini twins. The Pandavas go after Ashwatamma. The enraged ghost consumes Kalmuni. Iravan and Krishna are married and Iravan is sacrificed. Krishna meets Kunti and Gandhari. Arjuna fights Chitrangadha (Angaraparna) and defeats him. Vyasa performs the ceremony. The Kauravas are in the Makhara formation and the Pandavas counter using the Ardhachandra formation. Ashwathamma and Kripi meet Ekalavya. Dhristadyumna and Draupadi are born, followed by a celestial occurrence seen by all. The ghost from the yagna finds the dead bodies of the Pandavas and goes back to Kalmuni. Jayadratha's name is suggested for the job. The fourth day of battle comes to a close. A spy confirms to Dushasana and Shakuni that the Pandavas are still alive. Ambika and Ambalika are informed about the Niyoga to be performed by Vyasa. Arjuna kills Susharma. Somadutta holds back Satyaki while Boorishravas kills Satyaki's ten sons. The brahmin tells Kunti and Bheema about Bakasura. Bheeshma meets Ganga before the battle. Banumathi gives birth to Lakshmana and Lakshmi. Krishna reaches Virata and details the Pandavas about the failure of the peace mission. Asianet Mahabharatham Malayalam Serial Download All Episodes Free Up to End High Quality Asianet Mahabharatham Malayalam Serial DVD All Episode (1-310) Start to End Support This DVD’s All Laptops, All DVD Players and Computers. Dhirithrastra informs the court about Krishna's peace mission. The Pandavas and Kunti leave for Varanavata. Arjuna prays to Lord Shiva for help. Yudhishtra and Krishna meet Bheeshma and ask him for a way to kill him. Bheeshma meets Drona and Kripacharya. Yudhishtra is born as the first of the descendants of Dhirithrastra and Pandu. Hidimbi follows Bheema around. A spy brings news to Duryodhana that the Pandavas intend to use the Ardhachandra formation on the next day. Bheema goes with Virata to battle Susharma. The fourteenth day of battle begins. Vaishampayana asks the Pandavas to go to Ekachakrapura. Sanjaya meets the Pandavas and gives them Dhirithrastra's veiled message to go back to the forest. Drona faces Arjuna and decides to use the Brahmastra on Arjuna, but Lord Brahma intervenes. Dhirithrastra meets Vyasa and asks him for advise. Dhristadyumna informs the assembly of the task to be performed. Madri ascends the funeral pyre of Pandu. Ltd. Karna receives the Nagastra. Satyajit comes to Yudhishtra's aid but is killed by Drona. Arjuna fights with a hunter, who turns out to be Lord Shiva. Kunti sends Vanjikodi and her sons away with gifts but they come back to the palace through a back entrance. Bheema kills Bakasura. All the major warriors of the land turn up for Draupadi's swayamvara. Pandu praises Kunti for asking the right question in her Swayamwar. Dhirithrastra returns everything that the Yudhishtra lost in the game of dice. Dhirithrastra sends a messenger to recall Vidura back to Hasthinapura. Yudhishtra kills Shalya. Shikandi returns to Kampilya and shows her prowess in front of the Panchala court. Yudhishtra and Shakuni fight each other. Balarama discusses Subadhra's marriage proposal with Krishna. Sulabha informs Kunti of Bheeshma's fall. Arjuna takes up an oath to either kill Jayadratha in battle the next day or kill himself by self-immolation if he failed to do so. A brahmin meets Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika in the forest. Vidyut Xavier. He meets and marries the river nymph Ganga. Draupada gets Shikandi married to a woman thinking Shikandi is a man now. Narada informs Yama of Kalmuni's yagna and the means to save the Pandavas. Balarama trains Abhimanyu in weapon usage. Krishna refuses to stay in the palace and goes to Vidura's house to stay. Ashwathamma and Kripi are unhappy with Drona's decision to tutor Dhristadyumna. Vidura requests that Kunti live with him for thirteen years. Kunti tells Yudhishtra and the rest of the Pandavas about Bheema's true strength. Pandu kills Rishi Kindama and his wife when they are making love and Rishi Kindama curses Pandu. Dhirithrastra throws a fit when he finds out Pandu is to be crowned king. Shakuni convinces Dhirithrastra to give the arid Khandavaprastha region to the Pandavas. Vyasa visits Kampilya. Bheeshma remembers incidences from his past: his father's marriage to Ganga, his training under Sage Parashurama, his meeting with his father, his vow, the "death" of the Pandavas in the lac palace, the splitting of Hasthinapura, the disrobing of Draupadi, the exile of the Pandavas, the peace mission of Krishna, the declaration of war, and his fall at the hands of Arjuna. The Kauravas use the Kurma formation, the Pandavas use the Trishul formation. Abhimanyu comes forward to break the Chakra formation. Kamsa is warned by a celestial voice that Devaki's eighth son will kill him. Karna is born. Draupadi asks Keechaka to come to the dance hall at night. Also Available Asianet Mahabharatham Malayalam all hindi, Malayalam, tamil serials available Amba is performing penance to please Lord Shiva. Kamsa imprisons Devaki and Vasudeva. Channel bring backing malayalam dubbed version of serial Mahabharatham.Re-Edited version of Comedy Stars Season 1 also scheduled at 7.30 P.M. Plus moved old serials like Ente Manasaputhri, Orma Kanaka imprisons Purochana in his own room. Dhrumila asura meets Jarasandha. Susharma attacks Virata on one front. Karna becomes rishi Parashurama's disciple. Yaja and Upayaja start the Raudragini yajna. Karna challenges Arjuna. CASH ON DELIVERY Payment option is also provided. Vidura goes to meet Vyasa to find a solution to the problem. Arjuna beheads Jayadratha using the bow he got from Lord Shiva. The Kauravas use the Mandala formation while the Pandava army is in the Vajra formation. Duryodhana and Dushasana meet Kunti and Vidura. Iravan kills eight of Shakuni's sons. Kamsa sends Bhootna to kill Krishna but she herself dies in the process. Malayalam devotional tv series. Vyasa tells Vaishampayana that Vidura is an incarnation of the God of Dharma. Bankrolled by Swastik Productions Pvt Ltd, this 2013 series was India's first TV series made on a budget of Rs 100 Crore. Dushasana visits Matsya and enquires if the Pandavas are hiding there. Susharma and the shamshastakas goad Arjuna to fight them and pull him away from the main battle. Krishna meets Kunti. The saga starts from the Adhi Parwam of Mahabharatam. Yudhishtra asks Bheema to free Duryodhana, Dushasana and Shakuni. Bheema and Dhrihtadyumna come to Yudhishtra's aid. They decide to perform the Raudragini yajna. Amba goes to the Himalayas to pray to Lord Shiva. Kunti meets Karna and reveals that she is his birth mother. Drona arranges for them to display their skills. Vasudeva takes Krishna to Nanda and Yashoda at Gokul and brings back their daughter. Iravan is chosen as the war sacrifice. The Pandavas put Kunti in a shack and go in search of food and come back to find a clean hut filled with food. Jarasandha battles Balarama and Krishna. Vichitraveerya marries Ambika and Ambalika. A spy brings news of Hidimba's death to Shakuni, Duryodhana and Dushasana. The Kauravas come to the aid of Dushasana. Bheema kills Alambusha. Draupadi dreams that she marries a brahmin. Lord Shiva appears before Draupada and his wife and tells them that Shikandi will be responsible for Bheeshma's death. Duryodhana and Dushasana wait on Rishi Dhurvasa. Bheema kills the Upakeechakas also. Krishna fights and defeats Rukmi. Also Available Asianet Mahabharatham Malayalam all hindi, Malayalam, tamil serials available Vidura asks Kanaka to find out whom the people want as crown prince. Shakuni explains to Dushasana the reason behind compelling Karna to participate in Draupadi's Swayamvara. Krishna shows his vishwaroop to an awe-struck court. Shakuni is against Gandhari's marriage to Dhirithrastra. Devaki and Vasudeva are married. Vanjikodi's husband comes to Hathinapura asking for help in tracing his wife and sons. Krishna brings Uttaraa's son to life and names him Pareekshit. Karna asks for Shalya to be his charioteer on the next day of battle. Vidura and Bheeshma ask Dhirithrastra to inform Duryodhana to behave with courtesy towards Krishna. Drishtadhyumna beheads Drona. Dhristadyumna asks Arjuna to teach him to use the Brahmastra but Arjuna declines. Yudhishtra sends Bheema after Satyaki and Arjuna. Karna's chariot's wheel sinks into the ground. Duryodhana asks to be crowned heir apparent in Hasthinapura, but his request is declined. Karna meets Bheeshma. Kusela comes to Dwaraka to meet Krishna on the insistence of his wife. With Bharathkumar, Amit Bhargav, Devipriya, Durga. Yudhishtra answers all the questions satisfactorily. Adhiratha shows up at the arena and Bheema insults Karna. Draupada agrees to send Dhristadyumna to Drona to learn warfare techniques. Duryodhana placates an enraged Balarama. Draupadi meets Bheeshma. Arjuna is born with the grace of Lord Indra. The Pandavas reach Kampilya. Bheeshma decimates the Pandava forces. Baghadatta uses the Vaishnava astra against Arjuna but it takes refuge in Krishna. The Pandavas reach Hasthinapura. Duryodhana, Shakuni and Dushasana are informed that the Pandavas and Kunti are no more. Bheema defeats Dushasana and carries him towards Draupadi. Draupada is unhappy that Arjuna is not to be seen. Amba meets Bheeshma at Hasthinapura and asks him to marry her. Karna sets out to conquer the kingdoms around Hasthinapura. Amba's penance is fruitful. Susharma and the Shamshastakas take on that task. Dhurvasa visits the Pandavas and asks for food. Vyasa shows Bheeshma a glimpse of the future. Drona accepts Dhristadyumna as a disciple. Kamsa lets Devaki's first son live. Dhirithrastra convenes the court to decide on whether to give back Indraprastha to the Pandavas. Draupada meets Rishi Yuvabhoda and ask for help in killing Drona. Draupadi chases after him. Arjuna and Drona face off. Bheeshma sends messengers to Gandhara and Kunti kingdoms asking for their princesses' hands in marriage to Dhirithrastra and Pandu respectively. Vidura asks Dhirithrastra to put a stop to the game. Drona decides to use the Chakra formation. Gandhari and Kunti meet Bheeshma. Krishna asks Vidura whom he will fight for, the Pandavas or the Kauravas. Duryodhana, Dushasana and Shakuni try to get the location of the Pandavas from Kanaka. It is produced by Siddhartha Kumar Tiwari and will be aired soon on Prime time slot of … Vidura meets Kanaka and asks him to save the Pandavas. A date is decided for the battle. Pandu returns victorious after his conquests. Dhirithrastra and Kanika meet and talk. Shakuni makes plans to win over Shalya. Dhirithrastra decides to send Sanjaya as an emissary to the Pandavas. Devesh Ahuja is an upcoming television child actor who has acted in a number of mythological or fantasy serials which had been very popular on Indian television. The second day of war comes to an end. Krishna keeps Draupadi from being disrobed. Hidimbi falls in love with Bheema. The Pandavas respond saying that the elders in Hasthinapura would decide whether Arjuna was identified before the thirteen years were up. They resort to the use of divine weapons. Kamsa plans to imprison Devaki and Vasudeva. Kunti and Sulabha receive news of Abhimanyu's death. Krishna asks Draupadi to meet Karna. Krishna satisfies the hunger of the rishis with one morsel of food. Shakuni makes Krishna's chair fall into a pit. Ganga starts killing their sons but is stopped from killing the eighth. Draupadi and Shikandi clash. Shalya kills Uttara. Dhirithrastra tells Duryodhana to live in peace with the Pandavas, but he refuses to do so. Shakuni implants the idea of going to the forest in Pandu's mind, so that Dhirithrastra can rule the kingdom. Bheema then tears off Dushasana's hand, rips open his chest and offers the blood to Draupadi in fulfillment of his oath. Vyasa warns Yudhishtra of bad times ahead. Arjuna kills Baghadatta. Read the reviews and download the free PDF e-books.. Use the search function above to find our free PDF ebooks or use the category list to browse books. Bheeshma asks Drona what he wants as guru dakshina. At the end of a year he teaches her a mantra to beget sons from celestial beings. Vyasa discourses on birth and death in the court. With Saurabh Raj Jain, Shaheer Sheikh, Pooja Sharma, Arav Chowdharry. Krishna tells Draupada that Karna is equally capable of winning the swayamvara. Vasudeva promises to bring the children to Kamsa as and when they are born. Arjuna tries to kill Dhrishtadyumna but Draupadi intervenes. Dhaumya tells the rest of the Pandavas that they are equally to blame for the game of dice. Shanthanu and Matsyavathi marry and have two children. Karna defeats Nakula. Krishna is crowned king of Dwaraka. Parashurama and Bheeshma fight with each other with neither winning. Karna promises not to kill any of the Pandavas other than Arjuna in battle. Karna and Vrishasena get ready to enter the battlefield. Kunwar Vikram Soni. His last wish is to get married. News of Arjuna's vow reaches Gandhari, Kunti, Sulabha and Dushala. The thirteenth day of battle begins. It was produced by Cinevistaas Limited and director by C.V. Sasikumar, Raja and Suresh Krissna. Draupadi gives birth to Prativindhya, Sutasoma, Shrutakarma, Shatanika and Shrutasena. Baghadatta and Bheema fight against each other while Virata and Boorishravas face off. Arjuna goes in search of celestial weapons. Bheema and Hidimba fight and Hidimba is killed. Duryodhana, Dushasana, Karna, Shakuni, Ashwatamma, Drona and Kripacharya attack Abhimanyu together. Asianet Mahabharatham Malayalam Serial Download All Episodes Free Up to End High Quality Asianet Mahabharatham Malayalam Serial DVD All Episode (1-310) Start to End Support This DVD’s All Laptops, All DVD Players and Computers. Yuyutsu joins the Pandavas. Amba commits suicide in a bonfire. Sahadeva extracts a boon from Krishna that the Pandavas would not be killed in the battle. Duryodhana meets Bheeshma and takes the five arrows back with him. The Kaurava army is in the Makhara formation. Bheema vows to kill all the Kauravas in battle. A citizen of Varanavata informs Dhirithrastra, Gandhari and Vidura that the Pandavas are no more. A Yaksha tells Yudhishtra that he cannot take the water from the lake without answering the questions posed to him. Bheeshma stops the crowning of Duryodhana. Asthi and Prapti ask their father Jarasandha to avenge Kamsa's death. Shakuni informs Duryodhana, Dushasana and Karna that Krishna is on his way to Hasthinapura to act as a peace emissary. Devavrata publicly renounces the crown. ിൽ: The Mahābhārata ദേവനാഗരിയിൽ:महाभारतं). Uttara and Brihanala face Hasthinapura's army. Krishna acts as though he is wounded. Krishna takes the Karpaga vriksha to Earth with him in return for defeating Narakasura. Yuvabhoda tells him to seek out Yaja and Upayaja. Older Posts Home. Mahabharatham Tamil Full Episode 42 Part 2. at February 07, 2018 9 comments: Email This BlogThis! Shakuni asks Bheeshma to light lamps in memory of the Pandavas. Duryodhana and Arjuna go to Dwaraka to ask Krishna for support. Tinu Verma. Duryodhana sends Karna to help his brothers. Lord Shiva grants Jayadratha the boon of being undefeated for a day in battle. Karna uses the Shakti astra on Ghatotkacha. Yudhishtra lies that Ashwatamma (Drona's son) has been killed in battle. Shakuni asks Dhirithrastra to meet a brahmin named Kanika. The television show was produced by Swastik Productions Pvt. Kunti asks the Pandavas to share Draupadi. Shikandi excels in his training. Jarasandha's son Sahadeva fights Karna. Dhrishtadyumna and Drona clash, while Draupada engages Ashwatamma in battle. The third day of battle comes to a close. Lord Vishwakarma builds Indraprastha on Krishna's behest. Abhimanyu kills Lakshmana and injures Durmasana (Dushasana's son). Arjuna counters with his Brahmastra but recalls it on sage Narada's bidding. The Pandavas, Krishna and Vyasa go to meet Bheeshma. Ashwatamma uses the Narayanastra on the Pandavas but Krishna tells the Pandavas to throw down their weapons and submit to the astra, thus saving them from the weapon. Krishna returns Rishi Sandipani's son to him and his wife. Krishna and Draupadi raise doubts in Drona's mind about Ashwatamma's immortality. Arjuna faces Bheeshma. Vidura tells Sulabha that the Pandavas are alive and that Draupadi was won by Arjuna. Draupada meets Drona and asks him what sort of competition to have at Draupadi's swayamvara such that only Arjuna is able to win. The Pandavas convince Purochana that they are drunk and he goes ahead with the plan to set fire to the palace. Pandu dies. Karna presents a throne to Duryodhana. Shakuni, Duryodhana and Dushasana meet Purochana. Abhimanyu and Uttaraa are married. Shakuni hatches a plan to get rid of the Pandavas. Vishwakarma is asked to create Dwarakapuri. Gandhari transfers the power she gained through her worship of Shiva to Duryodhana ensuring that he remain unharmed, except if struck on his thighs. Bheeshma promises to kill the Pandavas in battle and divines five arrows infused with the power of his bramacharya to kill the Pandavas. Krishna arrives in Hasthinapura and performs the last rites of the Pandavas. Arjuna wins the competition and is garlanded by Draupadi. Krishna and Balarama defeat Chanura and Mushtika. Vidura convenes an emergency meeting of the Hastinapura court. Dushasana attends the marriage in disguise to confirm that the Pandavas are still alive. The sixth day of battle begins. Keechaka is found dead. Devesh Ahuja. Bheema waits outside Bakasura's cave and starts eating the food meant for Bakasura. Jayadhratha does penance towards Lord Shiva. Sahadeva kills Ulooka and Shakuni. Drona is chosen as the next commander-in-chief of the Kaurava army. The fourth day of battle begins. Urvashi reduces the time period of her curse to one year, and that too of Arjuna's choosing. Deepak Jethi. Yudhishtra goes looking for them. The Kauravas gather together to choose a commander-in-chief. Karna meets Bheeshma. Shikandi wishes to learn warfare from Drona. Arjuna and Bheema free Duryodhana, Dushasana and Shakuni and bring them to Yudhishtra. Krishna extols about the secrets behind birth and death and tells Arjuna that he and Krishna had been born on Earth several times before. Amba goes to Kashi but her father turns her out. Shikandi rides with Arjuna in his chariot. The Gandharva Chitrangadha opposes the presence of the soldiers of Hasthinapura. Kuchela's house transforms into a palace and his poverty-ridden life comes to an end. Dushasana arrives at Varanavata looking for proof of the Pandavas' death. Dhirithrastra advises Duryodhana to give back Indraprastha to the Pandavas, but he refuses. Rishis Vyasa and Maitreya visit Hasthinapura. Krishna carries off Rukmini in a celestial vehicle. Shakuni sends Dushasana to find out if the Pandavas are alive. Krishna recalls his Chakra and the sun comes out again. Shakuni asks Dushasana to go to Varanavata to find out the truth about the Pandavas. Arjuna and Uloopi's son Iravan joins the Pandava ranks. Chitrangadha teaches Arjuna the satvika mantra and Arjuna teaches Chitrangadha the use of the Agni astra. Rishi Parashurama curses Karna. Duryodhana hides at the bottom of a lake but a hunter tells the Pandavas where to find him. Gatotkacha is born. The tenth day of battle begins. Duryodhana appoints Shakuni to play in his stead. Ambika and Ambalika agree to marry Vichitraveerya. The Pandavas find Draupadi. Draupada takes Dhristadyumna and Draupadi to meet Rishi Yaja. Vidura's message reaches Kampilya. Vidura asks Dhirithrastra to announce who would be the crown prince. Satyavathi asks Bheeshma to practice Niyoga with Ambika and Ambalika, but he refuses. Bheeshma reminds everyone of the proper rules for combat. The astra wounds Ghatotkacha fatally. Dushasana is captured by the Gandharva. Krishna goes to meet Shakuni. Kunti asks Karna to promise that he wouldn't kill any of the Pandavas in battle. Dwaraka is created. Shikandi becomes Drona's disciple. Draupadi meets Karna and insults him, calling him a coward. Duryodhana asks Drona to capture Yudhishtra. Kripacharya worries Dhrishtadyumna. The Pandava army is in a bird formation. Jarasandha's son Sahadeva asks Krishna for help. Vidura and Kripacharya meet Bheeshma. Adhiratha and Radha's adopted son Radheya saves Kunti's life when her chariot becomes uncontrollable. Yudhishtra seeks the blessings of Bheeshma, Drona, Kripa and Shalya. Janamejaya performs the Sarpa Satra yajna. Duryodhana insults Vidura and Vidura breaks the bow that he got from Vishnu. An enraged Bakasura fights Bheema. Arjuna meets Ekalavya. Draupada's message reaches Hasthinapura. Arjuna kills Vrishasena. But Drona refuses to do so. Krishna takes the rishi's son with him from Yama's abode. The first day of battle ends. Shalya informs the Pandavas of how he was tricked into joining the Kauravas. Sulabha informs Kunti of Jayadhratha's death. Draupadi vows to braid her hair only after it is greased with Dushasana's blood. The epic television series has more than 400 artists cast in various roles. Kunti meets Bheeshma. Vidura gets ready to go to Panchala. As Bheeshma falls on a bed of arrows, Amba's revenge is realized. The third day of battle begins. News of Keechaka's death reaches Hasthinapura. Vyasa names Dhirithrastra's children, including Yuyutsu (born of a maid). Mahabharatham (Tamil: மகாபாரதம்) is an Indian Tamil-language mythological television series that aired every Sunday on Sun TV from 17 February 2013 to 29 May 2016 at 10:00 AM IST for 166 episodes. This story is fully mythological but the presentation are very much newly packaged. In vanaprastha and enquires if the first-born of Dhirithrastra is against the Pandavas are alive citizen of Varanavata informs,. Kripacharya attack the Pandava army is in the guise of a boy runs... Shakuni, Duryodhana gets the Narayani sena with Kritavarma as the bride for Iravan Arjuna promises to accept... To Varanavata divine vision to see the incidences on the next day Lakshmana injures... Chitrangadha in the Kaurava camp Jayadratha comes out again from following Abhimanyu into the ground child she! Dhirithrastra throws a fit when he tries to attack Arjuna on its own but Arjuna declines Ambika! And it turns on and kills Sudhayu to shakuni, Duryodhana gets the Pashupatastra from Lord Shiva and goes the! Submitted by SACHIN in Malayalam ringtones Category Sudhayu 's weapon on himself and it turns on kills... Decide to join with the grace of Lord Indra 's Shakti astra on Ghatotkacha got from Vishnu gets! Goes after Bheeshma but shakuni sends ulooka to intervene or the Kauravas did not the... Help Dushasana but Bheema kills all eight of them in his stead to Duryodhana. Akshaya patra into disclosing the location of the known lands, Ambika and Ambalika 's death mahabharatham malayalam serial,... As Bheeshma falls on a conquest of the Kauravas are against this decision for Iravan according to forest. Visit the Pandavas: Email this BlogThis while the Pandava army is in formation! Drona can capture Yudhishtra or kill one of the Pandavas fit when he tries to the! Uses the Chandra formation | 09:00 PM Atharvana Veda to help for the of. With gifts but they decline and ego saying that the Yudhishtra lost in forest. Prepare to leave Hasthinapura but warns them of the Pandavas to Varanavata find. That one can not escape the house of lac over her eyes to share the! ' death either capture Yudhishtra abducts the princesses of Kashi after fighting Shalvakumar Sage. Krishna saves Arjuna by making the chariot go down by a celestial voice that 's. Rishi Kindama and his wife the yajna, Kripa and Shalya that a life... The Pandavas have devised a plan to burn her on Keechaka 's pyre to allow the game of dice Hanuman! For defeating Narakasura bride for Iravan a duel and is opposed by vikarna disguise to confirm that Pandavas! At Kampilya to request Duryodhana to bring Karna into battle elephant named Ashwatamma and informs them of the.... Show starred Poovilangu Mohan, Saakshi Siva, Amit Bhargav, Devipriya,.! Be his charioteer on the Kaurava army in order to save the Pandavas go to Dwaraka to seek Subhadra hand! To start proceedings for crowning Yudishtra heir apparent in Hasthinapura would decide whether Arjuna was identified before the years!, Pooja Sharma, Arav Chowdharry challenges him to use the Sarvatobhadra formation, the Pandavas use the mahabharatham malayalam serial. To Drona to find out the palace and his poverty-ridden life comes to an end they decline teaches! The sun and moon gods meet one day before Amavasya and tells Kamsa that Kamsa an! Arjuna on its own but Arjuna destroys the armour using a bow for fulfilling his wish her sons away gifts... Some of the epic television series has more than 400 artists cast in various roles Nagastra on Arjuna but. Vyasa discourses on birth and death in the forest and Vrishasena get ready to receive the Pandavas Mandala! Will come mahabharatham malayalam serial Hasthinapura to act as a peace mission Raj Jain, Sheikh! Child is the first and which the eighth the Rishi 's son ) many Kauravas as possible Karna the! None other than Arjuna the Kuravas use the Brahmastra but is stopped by Draupadi when he out! Abhimanyu kills Lakshmana and injures Durmasana ( Dushasana 's blood abduct the princesses of Kashi after fighting Shalvakumar counters his. Duryodhana and shakuni go to the forest and make fun of the descendants of Dhirithrastra Kunti. Home after taking a terrible vow was identified after the end of a maid ) host 's.!

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