Graphic Design

Note: Most of our services include some form of artwork already included in the pricing; however, if you are looking for logo packages or company branding outside of the simple website logo design, additional charges may apply.

Our in-house artists have years of experience and provide top-notch artwork to our clients.  During the design process if a logo is requested, one of our in-house artists will contact the client with preliminary questions regarding the logo design’s concept. Within five (5) business days, a low-res proof will be sent to the client for review.  A reasonable amount of changes are allowed at no additional cost during the proofing process.  If a client changes the design entirely, this is not applicable under the free proofing process, and the customer will be billed for the work of the new design.  No additional artwork will be done until the previous artwork is paid in full.  Because of this, we encourage our clients to be as actively engaged in the proofing process as much as possible to avoid any additional charges that are a result of a new concept design.

To contact our artist about art designs, logo branding, etc, you may use the following form.