Company Profile

DigiLoop Designs by Brooks was started in 2012.  Though new to the industry in name, designs by Brooks (owner/founder of DLD) has been around for years.  With both experience and professionalism brought to the table, the concept(s) of designs by Brooks was re-imagined and re-invented into what it is today: high quality, professional and affordable designs for our clients.

Brooks, a licensed photographer by trade, carried an array of hobbies that included computer building, website design, programming, and more.  To earn extra income, Brooks spent endless nights assisting friends and family help imagine and see their business dreams and plans come to life through website design and social networking.   Designs by Brooks was a word of mouth venture, and over time it was realized the great potential of networking other designers and companies together to fill a hole in affordable, honest, and professional work for our web communities and beyond.

Today, DigiLoop Designs is partnered up with various types of artists, designers, web developers, and even photographers to ensure that whatever a client needs, we are able to provide the service for them.  Though most of DigiLoop Designs are graphic designers and web developers by nature, DigiLoop Designs has and is becoming so much more.